The Death of Doc Holliday

10 thoughts on “The Death of Doc Holliday”

  1. I was fortunate to visit the “burial site” with my late wife, Joy, a few years ago and leave my own personal rememberance===hadn’t seen

    j.H. since 1882.


  2. I have researched and read most that has been written about the old west. I have spent days in Tombstone and visited Wyatt and Sady’s grave in Colma, Ca.. In my opinion Doc was one of the most feared pistolores that ever lived. He was dying and nothing to lose which made him very dangerous. It was said that James Wesley Harding came to a town and everybody left. ( good choice) Doc came to the same town and Harding left. A better choice. He was a person not to be fooled with. I would have liked this man. Mythical or truth


  3. That picture is not Doc Holliday. There are lots of pictures out there that claim to be Doc. It doesn’t even look like him. There are only a couple of pictures I’ve seen of Doc. One shortly after dental school and one shortly before Tombstone while he was in Prescott.


  4. Great Holliday read, thanks for posting it! Doc Holliday has always been my favorite western person since I read about him in the 1960s.


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