Doc Holliday and the Latin Duel

5 thoughts on “Doc Holliday and the Latin Duel”

  1. Thanks so much for publishing this post. Tombstone is my favorite movie of all time. I have told my husband many times that the movie is so great because almost every line in the movie is quotable. All of Doc Holiday’s lines are quotable!! Thank you again!!


  2. Well done movie. Val Kilmer was excellent. You don’t see much great acting these days. He nailed it and made the movie a pleasure to watch. One negative was that poetic licensing was used to depict actual events.


  3. The movie and particularly Val Kilmer and Sam Elliott were great although I wish Sam Elliott had been given a bit more screen time since his personality fits those times better than all the others. I do a good bit of Cowboy Action Shooting and actually got En Pace Requiescat tattooed on my left forearm bc I had a college professor tell me in old Latin it can be taken as “rest in peace” or if meant in a derogatory statement can be “may you rest in peace” or “its your funeral”


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