Movie Doc Hollidays – Val Kilmer in Tombstone

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Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday, from the 1993 film Tombstone, is always the version of Doc that springs to people’s minds. He’s playful and boisterous. He has all the best lines. He fights with the roughest of cowboys. But, he’s also witty and intelligent enough to duel in Latin. These are a few reasons but what […]

Doc Sings Dylan

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I found this story and I had to share. Apparently Bob Dylan is a huge fan of the movie Tombstone, so much so that he asked Val Kilmer to say some of the lines during a meeting they had. Kilmer wouldn’t quote the film in front of Dylan no matter how much Dylan prodded him. […]

Introducing Doc Holliday

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One of the main reasons that I wrote A Gentleman in Hell is because I am obsessed with Doc as a character. It’s hard not to like Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc in Tombstone. He’s educated, witty, clever, loyal, a slick dresser, a good pianist, fast with a gun, and can ride a horse while hocking up half a lung. Not bad considering! To top it all, he gets all the best lines in the film. Then there’s Quaid’s Doc, a bit darker and more world-weary than Kilmer’s Doc. He’s more of a drunk, has a mean temper and rather strangely an extremely filthy handkerchief. He’s a grinning skull and a fatalist.