A Gentleman In Hell

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After a poker game turns to bloodshed, John (Doc) Holliday is forced to leave Wichita, fleeing the law through the thick of a thunderstorm. He arrives in Dodge City, sick, wounded and depressed. Doc returns to his old trade as a dentist, but his tuberculosis and reputation as a gunfighter leaves him with few patients. One night he saves lawman Wyatt Earp’s life and despite their differences, becomes a loyal friend. When Doc suffers a serious lung hemorrhage, Wyatt in turn saves his life and oversees his new friend’s recovery. Despite having a wicked reputation as a gunfighter, Doc proves that he is loyal and can be trusted to assist the lawmen of Dodge City.

Doc Holliday’s loyalty is tested to its limit when Wyatt Earp and his family’s lives are placed in danger in Tombstone, Arizona. Doc must choose to risk not only his own life, but his home, and reputation at the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It will amount to the biggest gamble of Doc’s life. How far would you go to keep a friend and fight for something you believe in?