About the Author

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I’m from Scotland originally and I’m passionate about the history of the Old West.  How did that happen? Well I love riding horses and everything to do with horses. I’ve always loved watching western movies because they had horses in them. I’ve seen hundreds of them, especially those that star Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda or Clint Eastwood.

Roll back to 1994 and I found myself watching Tombstone and Wyatt Earp. It started an obsession for me with Wyatt Earp and particularly Doc Holliday. There was something about the legendary gunfighting dentist, that I just couldn’t shake. I ended up in libraries all over Scotland reading every gunfighter/gambler/cowboy/lawman book that I could get my hands on. It led me to write a trilogy of books about Doc Holliday’s life.  When I began my research Doc was portrayed as a nasty evil individual. Since then, people have softened up on their expectations of Holliday. My job in writing The Doc Holliday Series has been to try and make John Henry Holliday more human to people. I love the myth as much as the next person but I think the real person is much more interesting.

By writing my book, A Gentleman in Hell, I hope to take you on an exciting adventure across the frontier. It starts in Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870s and sprawls out to Tombstone, AZ before finally ending in the snowy spa town of Glenwood Springs, Co.

I hope you’ll take time for some escapism and join me on this ride!